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Augmented Reality

Réalité Augmentée

Augmented reality is our natural environment enriched with elements which are not present here or now.

By looking around us through the lens of a webcam, or a phone or specific glasses, one can interact with objects, sounds, pictures, texts. One can see in situ a destroyed castle, an architectural project, a virtual staircase (or a fish) in one’s living-room. Everything becomes possible… The great interest of immersive tools is to show clearly things that are not present here and now.”

Any sort of product is feasible, on PC, Smartphone, Tablets or glasses (GoogleGlass, SpaceGlasses,…)
Your flyers, Kakemonos, Totems, business cards, road maps, city maps, … everything becomes interactive and playful to your public.
The user becomes active and appropriates the product, the concept or the project more easily.

Technology vanishes and the use is simple and natural !

A novelty in Europe: for the first time in August 2013, after a day of dialogue with AMA, a company in Rennes, France, we managed to operate an augmented reality application on the GoogleGlass. It is now possible to display the 3D content of the dive guidebook “The Mediterranean submarine fauna and florasimply by looking at the pages of the book with free hands, using no smartphone or tablet.