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new-logo-VDWith its project called Digital Ocean, the aim of the firm VirtualDive is to implement a new mode of creation, collaborative edition and multichannel broadcasts of interactive applications dedicated to the underwater world. This totally innovative project is based on the integration of information technologies, multimedia, simulation and Virtual Reality. Thanks to the participation of professional divers and submarine environment experts, it will allow the general public to discover the oceans in an interactive, playful, educational way.

Suboceana and Philippe Carrez, with its several awards and recognitions as entrepreneur, has demonstrated the serious of his work and know-how. He has not only strong abilities in the technical fields of ITC but also in business development.”
Alain Dinis, Directeur Général.

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Carried by the great ocean currents, SeaOrbiter will allow a crew of explorers to live 24 hours a day over long periods in the heart of the oceans, this immense territory still mostly unknown which is “the last frontier on Earth”. The international programme of this unique vessel, essentially scientific and educational, is also an amazing communication tool that will allow to share continuously the pictures and discoveries of the crew. This project, unique in the world, is led by Jacques Rougerie, a marine architect and a member of the Academy, assisted by a team of ocean and space experts and supported, among others, by Ifremer, NASA and National Geographic.

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